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300g Stanny Blend

The Stanny Roast blend is full bodied with a smooth flavour. Made up of 55% Colombian beans from the Galeras Volcano region in Colombia, and 45% premium Costa Rican beans. No fillers here! Perfect for espresso style coffee.

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300g Colombian Single Origin

Stanny Roast's signature Single Origin is a medium roast Colombian bean from the Galeras Volcano region in Colombia. This roast has an exceptionally smooth, sweet, rich flavour.

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Limited Edition - 300g Premium Blend

The Premium blend starts with a rare heirloom bean that is grown, hand picked and dried on the roof tops of a small village in Yemen. Incredible smell and full of flavour. It is then teamed up with a bean from the El Imposible National Park in El Salvador which creates rich crema and adds a strong bold finish. Limited availability

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300g Rwanda Single Origin

By special request, this medium roast is from the high altitude Nyungwe Rainforest in Rwanda. Big bold flavour with a cocoa edge. 

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300g Surfers Blend

A mix of beans from Mexico and Rwanda for those looking for something with a bite and boldness to wake you up for that early morning surf.


Stanny Roast Sample Pack

Having trouble deciding? We have put together a sample pack that includes 200g of the 3 most popular choices. Stanny Blend, Single Origin Colombian and Single Origin Rwanda.


300g Home Grown Aussie Coffee

Try some home grown coffee! This bean is sourced from the Atherton Tablelands in tropical North Queensland and then roasted to order here in Stanwell Park. Its an absolute treat with its low acidity and smooth flavour. 


300g Decaf Dark Roast

For those that enjoy a fresh dark roast experience without the buzz. These beans are decaffeinated using the swiss water process.

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Locally Roasted & Delivered

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More crema, more aroma and more taste

Because our coffee is roasted fresh, you'll instantly notice the difference between 'the good stuff' and store bought beans. Stanny Roast has more crema, more aroma and more taste, with rich ribbons of coffee crema from your first to last extraction, and a rich and smooth taste. Just like a cup from your favourite cafe.

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The Stanny Blend

The Stanny Blend roast is made up of two of our favourite varieties, selected for their crowd pleasing attributes. This blend is best for the espresso process, but also works well in plungers and filter machines. 1kg and 300g bags available.

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The Grind

Grinding your beans is one of the most important steps to delicious coffee, and if you are new to freshly roasted coffee then you may have to adjust your grind settings. Generally, you will need set your grinder to be slightly courser if you have been grinding supermarket coffee up until now. Don't have a grinder? We can grind for you, just let us know what type of machine or method you'll be using.

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